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Wooden Egg Kids’ Music Shaker

Wooden Egg Kids’ Music Shaker

Colorful wooden eggs- sounds like some home décor item, no? Well, this time there is more to it. These colorful wooden eggs, actually, are music shaker toy instruments for the babies. Interests you? True to what you just read, these beautifully painted wooden egg shaped toys are indeed musical instruments for the babies that make rattling music when shaken. The new and high quality eggs are nice in design, colorful, and appealing. And the best thing about this product is that your baby will love it. These toy instruments are smell-less, lightweight and can be carried easily, and are 100% safe for your little one. With lovely patterns that are suitable for your babies, the package contain 1x toy every pack and you can have the item for a throw-away price of $2.69 at the Amazon store. A perfect gift item for your babies or your loved ones who have little infants around, we highly recommend this product to infuse a sense of music in your children from the tender age.

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