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Welity Cute iPhone 6 Case

Welity Cute iPhone 6 Case
Your iPhone is your favorite accessory of all. In fact, it’s a need you can never live without. So why not protect it from scratches and other harm? This amazing iPhone cover from Welity safeguards your phone from scratches, dust, shock and fingerprint. The cover has been designed to provide easy access to all buttons and openings including power button, volume controls, camera, headphone jack, speaker and flash. Complete functionality is retained. Available 100% brand new at the Amazon store for less than $5, this beautiful iPhone 6 cover comes with retail a box. A decent gift to anyone near and dear with a iPhone 6, the case is sent together with a gift screen protector. Newest of styles in the market, this one is a must-buy as a gift to women who would definitely love the floral arrangements printed on the cover. An ideal gift item for Valentines’, this is one of the cheapest useful gifts you would ever come across!

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