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The Happy Birthday Candle

The Happy Birthday Candle

Cakes are essential for birthdays, and so are candles. Now, to add to the pomp and show in a birthday, which everyone deserves on this special day, we present to you an amazing gift idea in the form of candles- the Amazing Happy Birthday Candle- an out of the world birthday candle design that will make everyone’s jaw drop with awe. This amazing birthday candle is lit in the center and then opens its flower petals and lights the candle on each petal. Also, to add more fun to it, the candle rotates and plays ‘’Happy Birthday to you’’ to honor the specialty of the occasion. A great birthday party item, the blue petals of the candles make the product more appealing. The flame at the center makes the entire thing glow in the dark which will indeed be a sight to see. Get this item for a little over $5 at the Amazon online store and make the birthday party a sure hit!

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