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Sight Words Flash Cards

Sight Words Flash Cards

Yet another wonderful gift item for your kids who have just started learning the words. This pack of 56 amazing Words Flash cards will help your child take the first steps toward reading. These two-sided cards are fun and easy to use with basic words frequently used in beginning reader books. See it, say it, learn it, as the makers of these cards say, these cards educate your children in the guise of an interesting card game. The Parent Card includes additional activities and games to supplement the 110 basic sight words in the deck. A great kindergarten schooling stationary, these cards are durable and are with a nice thickness that makes the cards not appear flimsy. When you flip the card around to the other side it is in pretty vibrant colors with a boy and a girl on it and the sight word in the middle. Get the pack for as low as $2.99; make your child’s pre-school education a fun experience!

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