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Serrated Pocket Knife Locking 440

Serrated Pocket Knife Locking 440

Men have always been fascinated with guns and blades and this stainless steel 440 is one of the best gifts you can buy for your guy. This drop point blade features a black ABS plastic handle with a lock back eyelet hole, as well as a pocket clip. Designed to be sturdy and sharp, this knife has been made of superior quality stainless steel and will cut into almost anything, thanks to the jagged saw-like blade the knife features. He would like to carry it through the various adventure trips he makes throughout the year, and every time he uses ii will make him think of you. This blade comes quite cheap and can be a perfect gift item if your man is of the seeking kind. This serrated pocket knife can be bought for less than $5 from the Amazon store, that gives you the privilege to impress your guy with the choice of this bold gift you have picked up for him.

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