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“Retired Parking Permit” Gag Gift

“Retired Parking Permit

Now here is something for everybody to guffaw at, at the retirement party you are about to attend. The Retired Parking Permit I a retirement gift gag which looks almost like real. An ideal gift for someone who is retiring, to end the retirement on a hilarious note, this gag gift item is the “official parking permit for the Retirement Gang”, if you know what we mean. Make your friends and family laugh like anything with this great over the hill birthday / retirement gag gift! This is a popular gag gift item for the matured people who will take no offence, and in fact will tickle his funny bone. The gift gag parking ticket is green in color and looks cool with all the real-looking prints and tags associated to it. There could be no better gift for retirement and we can bet our lives on it!

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