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POOF – Original Metal Slinky

POOF - Original Metal Slinky

Enough of those video games for your kids that make them do nothing but sit and play; now is the time for some activity that would not only keep them healthy but also entertain them to the highest degree. Introducing the good old Slinky in a whole new avatar, something your kids are sure to fall in love with. The Slinky Model#100 from POOF comes packed in a fun box, and what’s more?— It’s the USA made original version of the spring toy which both young and old love alike. This one of a kind toy stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps, making a slinkity sound. Weighing nothing more than 10 ounces, the Skinky Model#100 is made of silver colored metal for long lasting wiggly-jiggly fun. A perfect item form presents, party favors, grab bags, prizes, Easter baskets and stocking stuffer; the Slinky is the perfect entertainer as it walks down the stairs or comes to life in a kid’s hands. Recommended for children of 5 years and above.

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