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Police Officer Knife

Police Officer Knife

Introducing the cheap police officer knife from Barton Blades that has been designed to look exactly like a police knife and even comes with a standard police blue handle and a 440 stainless steel blade. The law enforcement universal medallion is mounted into the aluminum handle and covered with enamel so it will not fall out easily. The seat belt cutter, glass breaker and clip allow you to use your knife in most any police or law enforcement situation and the knife makes a great gift for a current or former police officer. Proudly display your cheap knife as a police officer or as someone who knows the dangers of being in law enforcement. These unique knives instill pride to the user while offering a sturdy, functional and easy use. An ideal gift item for your friends who are in the charge of the law, this inexpensive knife comes for less than $5 at the Amazon store.

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