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Nose Basketball

Gift ideas sometimes tend to get weird, and this one is no exception. You would simply sit and marvel at this out of the world sport and the way it is played- by your nose! As ridiculous as it sounds, it is one of the best gift ideas below the $5 mark. The only sport you can play on your face, the Nose Basketball (as the product name suggests) is basketball aerobics for your nose. All you have to do is to shake your face to win!  The pack consists of a pair of glasses with a basket and a ball attached to it- one of the funniest pair of glasses you have ever seen. Simply attach to the pieces to the glasses and start playing the ball. This is an ideal sport to give your nose a workout. Basketball enthusiasts will love this gift idea. We recommend this gift to mature people as this is the only type of basketball game that can be played sitting.

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