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Nite Ize Stainless Steel Biner

Here is yet another useful item that you can gift your loved ones. A stainless steel double grated carabiner from Nite Ize. This unique double grated carabiner, though significantly small it is, can bear weight up to 25 pounds. You can securely clip items on one end, attach with the other and clip items together with the help of this wonder piece of biner. With multiple uses for carrying keys, water bottles, camping gear, the one of a kind biner design provides the option for ultimate security of keys and other important accessories by easily securing the items to the center bar. This tool comes with a lifetime warranty, weight rated, but not meant for climbing or mountaineering purpose. Great for zippers on laptop carriers, suitcases and more, you can also hang plants, store belts and do a lot more with this amazing piece of tool. It enjoys the reputation of being the 2008 editor’s choice award winner for backpackers.

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