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Nail Art Painting Pen Brush

Nail Art Painting Pen Brush

Women love to paint their nails and here is just the perfect gift set under the $5 mark. The 15 piece Nail Art Painting Pen Brushes that feature 3x drawing tools, 7x painting tools, 2x liners, 1x dotting tool and 2x fan brushes complete the set. These brushes can be use for both natural and false nails. The painting tools can also be used as gel nail curing brush and the fan brushes can alternatively be used as eye shadow brush. These nail art painting brushes are easy to use and perfect for professional and home use. A perfect tool for the women who love make up, this kit is suitable for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas as well. Girls love taking care of their nails and this kit can be a perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift for those prospective boyfriends who are in to impressing their lady-loves.

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