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Morning Coffee Mug

Morning Coffee Mug

The perfect thing to start your day with is a hot cup of coffee, and a special morning mug that responds to the liquid poured in it strikes a deal. This morning mug is one of the cutest things you will ever come across! An amazing gift for anyone, this morning mug changes appearance quickly, within a minute, from black to white as hot liquid such as coffee or tea is being poured into the mug, as if a face has just awoken to greet you! Now isn’t it truly magical? It’s one of the best gifts you will ever find under the $5 mark and they sure will love it like anything. The cup that holds 12 ounces of hot beverages including hot chocolate is the cutest but the most intriguing thing you will ever find. What we loved most is its expression changing quality which when warm makes the face lit up and if otherwise will turn into a sorry face. An ideal gift to girlfriends too, it is!

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