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Kung Zhu Nintendo DS Video Game

Kung Zhu Nintendo DS Video Game

A Nintendo Video Game! Yes, it sure as hell makes a great gift- especially among guys. You must have noticed your guy spending more time with his game station than with you. There is nothing better you can get to impress him if your guy is a video game addict. This Kung Zhu Nintendo DS game is packed with action and adventure. The game takes the player through a rough terrain of fast paced humor-packed action that will eventually lead him to recover the stolen Zhu artifacts and restore peace and serenity. Fights include combo moves and top-notch weaponry combined with devastatingly silly special Zhu-power moves. The visual effects are amazing and the 6 unlockable characters make the game even more thrilling till the end— all for less than 5 dollars at Amazon. We would like to warn you however; this game will steal all the time you would want from him!

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