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Kate Aspen Five Piece Pedicure Set

Kate Aspen Five Piece Pedicure Set

Getting married? No idea what to get your guests for wedding favors? You might want to consider these really cute pair of flip flops that not only come cheap but also act as a wonderful pedicure gift set for all the beautiful girls and the ladies who have come to grace your wedding. This unique pair of imported flip flop doubles as a pedicure set with a jolly good pink and black polka dot design that screams femininity in every way. The bag comes packed with a nail file, scissors, clippers and cuticle instrument which the ladies at your party would find the most essential. Measures 2” x 4.5”, this charming keepsake is ultra chic with a modern flair. You can be sure of the fact that your guests wont stop raving about this cute wedding favor that you have so intelligently chosen. All that’s needed to be done is to pull the zipper!

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