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Guitar Hanger Hook Holder

Guitar Hanger Hook Holder

Chances are that your guy plays the guitar, and we are sure he plays it very well. So, won’t you consider buying him something to take care of his guitar that he is so fond of? Well, here we have for you today is a guitar hanger that will let him proudly display his guitar safe and out of the way from harm. There is a steel hook which is rated to support up to as much as 60 pounds. The best part is that it works on all guitars and also other stringed instruments such as banjos, basses, mandolins and other akin musical instruments can be attached to this wall mountable holder. The Adjustable arms can be rotated to any desired angle, is foam coated, and will NEVER mark the finish of the instrument! The flexible support arms hug the neck of any guitar for a secure fit. Wall screws and plastic anchors for dry all are included with the pack.

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