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Glossy White Fancy Small Gift Bag

Glossy White Fancy Small Gift Bag

Distinctive smooth and glossy white, these bags are amazing shower items for parties of any nature.  With great dimension to fit your favor and small tokens, these bags are ideal to enclose most favors, small gifts or to be filled with candies. Measuring 4.5 x 4 x 2 inches in dimensions, this lovely, inexpensive small gift bag comes with a sturdy and fancy cord with attached tag to each bag. The pack as a whole that is available for less than $5 at the Amazon online store includes 12 paper gift bags. Also these bags can be decorated and embellished as pet the theme of your parties. These compact bags are small in size which makes them perfect for small token for wedding, birthday, favors and much more. The next time you have a party at your place, these bags will let you earn more appreciation from your guests owing to their glossy and classy finish.

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