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Generic Weener Kleener Soap

Generic Weener Kleener Soap

The Weener Kleener Soap cleans the body but dirties the mind! You’ll be showering twice a day with your new bath time toy. This stimulating soap ring makes a hilarious gag gift for a boyfriend, or a buddy who just got dumped or what the heck, treat yourself to some good, clean fun! The product is shaped like a donut for easy use. It solves that age old bathing dilemma and adds a “hole” new dimension of pleasure and fun to a shower or bath. An amazing gift idea for bachelor parties and bridal showers, the shop that is yellow in color weighs 2.5 ounces. There is nothing more we can say about this soap other than that it’s skin friendly and will keep you  fresh all day long. You have to try it to unravel the funnier side of this soap and the best part is that it comes for as low as $5 at the Amazon store!

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