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Fake Poop Gag Gift

Fake Poop Gag Gift

Mischief on your mind but falling short of ideas? Guess, we have the perfect thing for you this time. Not ideally a gift item, but you can use this one for your own fun. The fake poop gag gift, as it is called, is a rubber made imitation of poop that looks nothing less than real human excreta. It is one of the wickedest things you will ever come across to give your friends a mild heart attack! This 4-inch long fake poop that looks so realistic can be installed easy on the toilet seat and as someone enters the washroom to freshen up, he is sure to come rushing out screaming on the top of his lungs. Isn’t it one of the most mischievous tricks you will play on your friends? Get this amazing gag gift for less than 5 dollars at the Amazon online store. There is no better “scary shit” you will ever buy and we can bet on it!

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