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EVA Puzzle Foam Mats for Kids

EVA Puzzle Foam Mats for Kids

A wonderful gift idea for your kids, this EVA Puzzle Mat is a perfect teaching gift to children while it acts as a toy, as well. Make learning a fun experience for your little one, introduce to him the beautiful world of puzzles which will not only boost his creativity but also keep him engrossed and want to learn more. This mini puzzle mats contain 10 numbers from 1-10 and a total of 26 letters of the alphabet from A-Z. Simple in style and available rather inexpensive, this educative toy can quickly enhance your baby’s interest in learning numbers and English. Learning while playing has never been better; this toy is ideal for early school purposes, completely divorced from the traditional concept of teaching methods.  Your kid will unconsciously learn many things he needs to know with the help of this puzzle game. Interesting, isn’t it? The foam material makes sure the toy is kid-friendly.

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