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Cute Baby Flower Cotton Caps

Cute Baby Flower Cotton Caps

Your little baby girl is no less than a princess, and a princess always deserves the best. Her infant skin is sensitive to all sorts of fabrics and this is why the makes at ZPS have taken the initiative to show some extra care in making a series of all-cotton caps for your doll that’s sure to bring out the princess in her. These cute little vibrant caps are handmade with all the extra care and affection needed in producing something extraordinary for your baby. Based on the head size, these caps generally fits infants aged 6-18 months. The superior quality fabric makes these caps very soft, breathable and comfortable, all the while maintaining it’s skin-friendliness and warmth. Accented with floral add-ons that goes bonkers on your darling daughter’s head, this caps guarantee all the cuteness your little doll can portray. Pick one or all from the ZPS baby cotton caps collection any turn your little princess into the most adorable thing ever!

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