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Braided Leather-Chord Bracelet

Braided Leather-Chord Bracelet

Bracelets have always fascinated both the sexes. A bracelet made of leather is even more fascinating for a man who is often into something preppy. IBLUE has come up with yet another amazing piece of accessory for a man that’s sure to get him noticed. The Braided Leather Bracelet from INBLUE is an amazing pair of bracelet for men which can be worn with any attire of choice. This bracelet feature genuine high quality leather that has been ripped in the shape of braids tied along with premium quality ropes that will last for long. Easy to slip-on, all you need to do is to pull the chords and the bracelet stays firm on your wrists. Comes packed in a beautiful gift bag, you will have two of these bracelets in two different colors (black and brown) within thepackage. And it goes quite inexpensive on your pocket- less than $5 for the pair! Now, isn’t that a wonderful gift item for your guy?

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