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Blue LED Earrings

Blue LED Earrings

The most unique concept in earrings you have ever come across… LED earrings that glow… unheard of, unseen before; these amazing earring from Amazon are the most unique pieces of jewelry you can give your girl this valentines. Made from high quality stainless steel, these amazing stud pendants light up with the help of LED light and glow beautiful blue to be noticed by people around her. Available for less than $5 at the Amazon store, these amazing ear pendants are to be found 100% brand new, and operates on a 2cm long LR521 button battery that are included and replaceable. Ideal for parties, clubbing and Christmas, these glowing LED ear studs are one of the best gifts you can gift your girl this valentines’ season that sure to make heads turn. She will love it like anything and there is no doubt to it.

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