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Black Paper Bags

Black Paper Bags

Aren’t paper bags the eco-friendly alternatives to plastic ones? You won’t want to make your planet suffer more which is already in the brink of collapse, would you? Paper bags not only help you save the environment but also are beautiful counterparts to otherwise toxic plastic ones. These amazing set of a dozen paper bags, that weight not more than 4 ounces, are made of high quality reusable paper and are painted black in color just to suit all kinds of party themes of your choice. Ideal for birthdays, luaus, bridal favors and all kinds of party showers, these paper bags never fail to impress. How? They are painted in chic black which is the classic of all colors, and moreover, these bags are sturdy enough to hold all kinds of gifts you might want to give away. Your guests are going to love these bags as much as they will love the gifts that you put in these bags. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!

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