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Big Mouth Toys Obama Toilet Paper

Big Mouth Toys Obama Toilet Paper

Well, not the best thing to gift but the Big Mouth Toys Obama Toilet Paper roll is just the ideal thing to tickle you partner’s funny bone. Printed on a superior quality toilet paper roll, the Obama prints can be found on every single sheet. Whether you are an Obama fan or you totally despise him from the core, you can’t simply resist these toilet papers, either ways. The images have been printed with high quality ink just to make sure the prints don’t smudge. Clean up your historic messes with the extra soft and thick 3 ply toilet paper with an air of pride of having Obama in your bathroom. Available for below $5, these toilet paper rolls are not just funny but also better in quality when compared to the regular toilet paper that you use to wipe yourself clean. The best part? You can have him in the can!

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