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Berties Bots Candies

Berties Bots Candies

This awesome pack of Harry Potter themed candies are one of the best favors to be given away during one of the many occasions to celebrate. The box contains a very tasty assortment of jelly beans blended with weird and wild flavors to leave a tantalizing taste for your taste buds to relish on. So whether you want to gift this box of jelly beans as party favors or wish to sit with friends to watch the famous Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, this amazing box of jelly beans is just the right appetizer for whatever reasons of celebration it is. The 20-flavor magical medley includes banana, black peeper, booger, candyfloss, blueberry, cinnamon, cherry, earwax, earthworm, dirt, grass, green apple, sausage, rotten eggs, marshmallow, lemon, soap, vomit, tuti-fruitti and watermelon! The box weighs 1.2 ounces. Every order comes with two boxes; you can order as many as you want.

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