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Beer Fridge Funny Warning Sticker

Beer Fridge Funny Warning Sticker

For all the beer lovers out there, here is yet another amazing gift idea- the Beer Fridge Warning Sticker! With funny quotes like “BEER FRIDGE- Do not put food or other contaminates in this fridge!!!” these warning stickers make for a hilarious gag item; a very popular gift idea among men. The decals are professionally designed and printed out of high quality 5 year rated vinyl. For any beer party, or to adults who live alone or with roommates, this can be the perfect gift provided he is a beer lover. Available for under 5 dollars at Amazon, this warning stickers comes built with high quality vinyl that’s tested to last, and the strong adhesive makes it possible to paste this sticker on to the fridge without causing any hamper to the color and surface. When you have friends who love to dig in the beer, this gift idea will prove to be an instant hit, and this we can say for sure!

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