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BACON Themed Adhesive Bandages

BACON Themed Adhesive Bandages
Adhesive bandages just got a little weird! These Bacon shaped and themed adhesive bandages are one of a kind; treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scrapes with these amazing adhesive bandages that look like slices of meat! Or you may as you would like to say, get yourself healed by the incredible healing power of meat, just to put it on the funnier side… these bandages come in a 3.75 tall metal pocket tin container that also carries a small trinket to help make even the most painful encounters disappear into thin air in no time. The bandages measure 3inches x1inches in dimensions are cut to look like small slices of bacon which we so love to devour. As many as fifteen bandages complete the package, and what’s more- there is also a free prize inside; all within 5 dollars at the Amazon store. Now treat wounds with a little more style!

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