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Aromatherapy Bath Foam

Aromatherapy Bath Foam

Bath Essence is an elegant calming inspiration that provides exhilaration, while relaxing in a self indulgent aroma therapy fragrance of choice. Pamper yourself while bathing your stress away with the added benefits of the special moisturizers that help leave your skin soft and smooth. This pack contains three scents viz., bountiful berry, kiwi delight and heavenly lavender. Made for both males and females, this unique pack of bath essence could be a wonderful gift for couples, precisely as an anniversary gift to your partner for some aromatic intimate moments in the sauna together. There is no better way to spend your anniversary evening together. You can also gift this item as shower favors to your guests which would be appreciated as much. The three packs that contain 266ml each contributes to 9 aromatherapy foam bath bottles that can be bought for less than $5. Sounds like a bargain, eh? You bet!

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