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Apple Shaped Memo Pad

Apple Shaped Memo Pad

Break the humdrum convention of using regular memos; this one of a kind Apples shaped memo pad has been designed to impress. The memo pad that’s shaped in a 3D apple features as many as 150 pieces, or we would rather say ‘slices’, of notepaper. Beautifully molded and colored in the shape of apple slices, this notepaper even carries a painted seed to make it look more real. An ideal gift to the teacher or an office goer, these notepapers that are 3×3 inches are made of superior quality paper to make sure it doesn’t bloat. The included paper clip will help keeping the memos in place without you having zilch to worry about. This playful design works great for home, work, school or office premises where there is the constant need to keep remainders. This memo pad can act as a great favor on your partner’s birthday—he sure is going to love it the same way we do!

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