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About Us

We don’t need a good enough reason to express our gratitude to those loved ones who have blessed our lives with incessant love and support. Sending their way a token of love every now and then is the least we can do to show our appreciation, and of course we are aware of the fact that gifts don’t always come cut-rate. In the event that you have surplus money to spare, buying gifts won’t be a problem. But there are others who are not as lucky as their counterparts, and we have taken the toils of creating this site in the best interest.

5dollargifts.com, as the name itself suggests, is where we proffer you with a choice of plethora of favors that you can buy your loved ones for under $5. A gift doesn’t always have to be expensive. It’s the emotions that’s connected to the gift is all that matters. We come out with inexpensive gift items from online sources such as Amazon; gather them all here and what’s more— we even provide you with an unswerving redirect to these stores, making your buy as easy as pie.

So, basically we created this website for two definite reasons-

  • To bring to you an exclusive choice of some amazing gift items under the $5 mark, and
  • To not you let you waste your time fussing around once we find it for you.

We completely understand the fact that buying gifts is a strenuous affair and this is where we step out to help, just so you don’t have to rake your brains again the next time you plan on buying her a gift. Our selection of gifts adhere to all reasons and seasons you can think of- from Valentine’s Day to marriage or engagement, birthdays to bridal party favors, friendship day to baby showers; you name it and we get it for you. When there is so much love in the world, there is no reason as to why you should lag behind in showing the same for something as trifle as budget issues.

Hope we can see the big bright smiles on the moon of your faces, now!

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