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80’s Sunglasses

A wonderful addition to your next summer party, here is something from the past for you to have a blast! A set of 12 pairs of sunglasses from the 80’s make an awesome party favor for a bit more fun the next time you decide to dance the night off. These sunglasses come in assorted colors of purple, blue, pink and green. As trendy as these pairs look, these trendy sunglasses go funky with your summer wear- wear these glasses at beach parties, discotheques and everywhere else where there is dance and booze. The bright vibrant colors animate dull parties into happening ones and this is just one of the many reasons why you would fall in love with these glasses. Made from high quality plastic, these sunglasses can we reused time and again. These pairs are light with smooth finish; there is no reason why would won’t turn into a fan from the very moment you hold them in your hands.

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